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We are so grateful to all of our families for inviting us to be a part of their journey, for their trust in us and for their kind words.

Becka's kindness, gentleness and empathy were felt throughout our time with her.

When we were going through contractions at the hospital she was ALWAYS by my side rooting me on and coaching my husband.

She knew when to massage me and how. I never had to say much. She just knew what to do. She knew when it was time to stop using the Tens machine and when to move into the bath. She knew when I was thirsty...Her intuition was spot on.

I had been having strong contractions for so many hours and had not dilated any more than when I arrived at the hospital, I was physically and mentally spent, but Becka was there with me to help me through it all. Though we were at the hospital for many many hours, Becka's focus was on me at all times. I needed her, and she knew I did.

Becka made my first labour experience the best I could have hoped for, even though there were ups and downs. Her presence, guidance and leadership were of the utmost importance to my husband and I during this time.

Becka was always accessible and communicative with us and was at the hospital within 30 minutes of us calling her at 2 am in the morning.


We have nothing but good things to say about Becka. Should you be lucky enough to have her as your Doula, you will be in very capable hands.


- Reaia & Jeffrey





Becka and Lisley were such an incredible support to us. Prior to our birth they took the time to get to know my husband and I. Becka supported me through early labour at home and was an invaluable support for both my husband and I during my labour in hospital. She provided practical tips, strength and even photos of the delivery of our son. Becka was such a key part of my delivery and I will always be grateful to her (and Lisley)!!!


- Jen & Brendon





My husband (Abdiel) and I had the gift of having Lisley and Becka as our doulas. They were always available to serve us kindly. We felt accompanied by them, and it made a huge difference for my husband. During birth, Lisley was with us the whole time. She helped Abdiel in what he could do to help during labour, and she was actively helping us both. We loved how they led us to information we did not know was available and their guidance in the process without impositions, but with many helpful suggestions. Having a doula definitely made my birthing experience different, because I felt someone with experience was walking the process with us. 

In my case, my water broke before labour started (it started 3 hours later), but I stayed home for almost 30 hours, which helped make the 1st stage of labour more relaxed. Having the support and visits of Lisley during this first stage made everything less scary and actually enjoyable, as a preparation to receive our baby girl. Lisley stayed with us until after our baby was born and fed. Her postpartum visits were of great encouragement, and we loved her warmth and sensitivity. 

I would recommend everyone to have Lisley and Becka as doulas. It makes a huge difference! Thank you


- Alejandra & Abdiel





My baby born 6 days ago and I'm feeling so happy because Lisley my doula treated me wonderfully! Without her I probably couldn't push my baby out! Was an unforgettable experience.


- Natalia





My wife and I found Rebekah around a week or two before we had our child and the experience we had with her was incredibly positive. She was very open, comfortable to be with, and genuinely caring for us during our moment of panic when water broke etc. she truly did make our labour go very smoothly, and without her we wouldn't have felt as confident as we did.

We would happily recommend her to anyone looking to use the power and experience of a doula. She truly is the best person in the industry that we've come across. Her wisdom is highly tuned in to the needs of parental preparation and the subtle fears that especially fathers-to-be feel (I know she put my mind to rest).

we just know that Rebecca will deliver extraordinary support and inspiration to any parents to be. We vote Rebecca ;)


- Richard & Reena





My partner and I met Lisley through our community birth program. Lisley's gentle and kind personality fit us so well. On the day of our birth, Lisley came to our house and coached me through transition and the majority of my active labour. She remained calm as we rushed to the hospital with only 10 minutes to spare before our babe was born.

I can't thank Lisley enough for her prenatal visit where she listened to me and what my wishes were, for the day of the birth, and for her postnatal care and encouragement. Additionally, she is very strong which comes in handy during those pesky contractions! I highly recommend connecting with Lisley if you are seeking someone who is balanced and peaceful during what can be an emotional and intense time. Thank you, Lisley!


- Sanober & Sean





Becka and Lisley were so caring and warm in helping me before, during, and after my son's birth. Becka really helped me breathe and relax (as much as possible!) through my non-epidural natural birth; it was an amazing experience! I felt very comfortable that she was there to support me and my husband, and I appreciated the visit about a week after my son was born. 


- Phoebe & Ryan





Lisley Siqueira was a fantastic Doula. She was incredibly welcoming and professional. During our meet and great she took the time to get to know us and find out what we wanted in a Doula. She shared her stories with us and was very thorough, giving us a full picture not only of how she would support us (techniques available to relieve pain, etc.) but also what we could/might expect of the labour process itself. Overall she was extremely knowledgeable and confident while remaining cool and calm throughout. Communication wise, Lisley was great. She responded quickly to emails and text messages and shared links to videos and other literature about labour and postpartum recovery. During my long 48 hour labour which unfortunately involved several complications, Lisley was always by our side. She came to our home at 1 am and stayed with us until the very end when our baby boy was born. After labour Lisley continued to check in without being the slightest bit pushy and with our final meeting she helped us debrief and answered any remaining questions about the past, present or future. We would highly recommend Lisley.


- Dough & Elizabeth





Becka was simply awesome. She knew exactly what to say and do while my contractions were getting more difficult. She was put me in a very calm state and her words were very encouraging. She had a very gentle touch but was also very strong and supportive when required. I would highly recommend Becka. She was even more helpful for my husband as she allowed him to take a rest as well as help guide him with different methods in comforting me.


- Alison & Terry